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We have a photography page! Yes. At first, it's more of a leisure pursuit that becomes a sorta business on the latter part. Glad I'm married to a man who has the same hobby and likes as me --- at least in this aspect.
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Last Chapter Episode 6: A Letter to my Grieving Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am sorry that I am not with you today. God called me home early, and though there has been mourning, His plans has actually been a blessing for us all. God has spared me from the trials and frustrations of life on earth. While I am in a building from Him, a home not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, you all remain in a tent. The apostle Paul is here, and he told me that you are naked, but I am clothed; you are visiting but I am home; you are decaying, but I am whole (2 Cor. 5).

It seems strange that some would view my short life on earth and question what God was doing. The prophet Jeremiah is also here and he told me that God knew him, and planned his life, even before he was formed in the womb; I know the same is true for me.

Dad and Mom, the days He gave us together were precious, and lovingly planned by God. He says that He was intimately acquainted with all my ways before I even uttered a sound. He scrutinized this path I am on, enclosing me behind and…

Last Chapter Episode 5: My First Faith Story

Hello jello. I do not know the world well enough because I am living for only 28 days (as of April 1). My small eyes can hardly see what my mom used to brag with me while I was still in her tummy -- the world. I can only see shadows and other things of merely blacks and whites. But my ears are now sharp enough to distinguish my mom and dad’s voice from others. I can also hear other sounds aside from the people who used to visit me: the chirping of the birds, coo-coo of chickens every morning, hustle and bustle of jeepneys, television, and Ate Chloe’s lightsaber toy whom she accidentally or intentionally hit whenever she come to our house to pay for a visit and check on me. You see, I am but a tiny creature in the world of grandeur, entanglement and sophistication. But I want to share with you how this tiny creature proved that the One who created the vast universe actually loves me and is mindful of me. My name is Yechezqel, people know me as Kahel; and this is my first faith story.

I …

Globe-trotting Philippines: Secret Hideaway in Tagaytay

I am nearing my pregnancy term and can't wait to see our baby Kahel out of his comfy sac. With this I mean more wakeful, late-night cries and less quality time for the next season of our married-now-parenting life. And since we had a long weekend holiday we decided to use this time to have a quality time before this little one come out. 

We headed off to Tagaytay, where short and convenient trip is most welcome especially in my case. My doctor did not allow me to travel too far and it might lead to a serious health case so we chose Tagaytay on our list. I am happy and blessed that the grad school offers some condo units in Tagaytay with very affordable price so we chose to block off one couple room for one night. And guess what? Quality time equates food trips for us! Was a bit averse about eating as I have to continuously check on my blood pressure and of course, weight. 

Well it was a well-spent weekend for us knowing that we found this secret restaurant that offers good food an…

HELP! My Hair is All Gone!

Things get busy as the new year came or perhaps, as the start of the work for the new year came. We need to get back to our normal routine after the holiday craze and stress, and we have to finish all those pending jobs that needs to be done. True -- two weeks of rest, feast and reunions and recreation have an ending, and back-to-work stress started to creep in hence, welcome to the hair loss season. :P

We may all have reasons to get busy with, may I share with you some tips on how to get things done without losing all your hair out of frustration.

(Below is adapted from FCBCC's Service Bulletin)

How do we get all the work done? There are so many things to do. Housework, homework, away-from-home work, schoolwork and church work all demand our attention. We have got to bring home the bacon, put it on the table, get kids to the ball game, get everything done around the house, spend time together as a family and find time for the Lord all on the same day. This probably does not even d…

Last Chapter Episode 4: μετάβαση (Transition)

Sooo. It has been a long time since I updated this blog. Been busy with my 23-unit Masters' load and last term and a couple of responsibilities on hand, but I admit, I still enjoy life. Knowing that there will be a new addition to the family. 
Yes. I just dropped the bomb.
I am presently 19 weeks pregnant. I'm excited and afraid at the same time since it's gonna be our first baby. But then again, I am blessed that I am surrounded by mothers and mothers at heart that are willing to give their best advice on hand whenever I need to. 

This new set of transition has brought me to new heights in terms of my walk with the One who gave us this gift. No wonder why He gave soon-to-be-mothers nine months to prepare for this little gift to be brought in the world. Physically, I am preparing as it is the obvious thing to be seen, but not just for myself but for my husband as well. He has been my pregnancy buddy right now and is happy with what we are going through (less the finances part…

Globe-trotting Philippines: Great Camping Getaway Near Manila

Just about a month ago we (together with my best friend a.k.a. husband) get ourselves back to school. YES. A graduate school to be exact. It was more or less a decade when we had our last nose-bleeding, heart thumping, brain draining serious school activities and it's kinda nonchalant for us at first to accept the fact that we are like a real, real student! We were engineering students before (by the way in our country, a degree in engineering will get you to study for 5 or more years) and studying were the least on our priorities probably because of a hard involvement we experienced when we were undergrad students (eng'g students: here, here!). Lucky me that I had a year of studying foreign language thus it has helped me prepare for this ha!
Anyhoo, pretty serious stuff were gettin' around the past weeks and when the school had its 5 days off, we grabbed the opportunity to enjoy and unwind in a place without worrying too much for our travel expenses. Good enough, a classma…